Alstom Demonstrator: First preform for hybrid manufacturing

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In a previous news we reported about the Alstom demonstrator that will be built within the MAESTRO project. As reported a new version of this so-called “check valve” was built by DMLS so far.

In the MAESTRO project also hybrid versions of this demonstrator will be manufactured to increase building speed and to reduce manufacturing costs compared to the full additive manufactured version.
Two preforms are planned for hybrid manufacturing: one MIM (Metal Injection Molding) preform and one preform made by FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).

Now OBE presented the first version of a preform made by FFF. For manufacturing, OBE used the printer 140L from Hage (figure 1).
Printing time for the check valve green bodies was approximately 90 minutes each.

The printed green bodies were debindered by solvent extraction and sintered according to the common MIM process.
Figure 2 shows the sintered part made from the alloy 316L.

The part has a good surface quality, while dimensional accuracy needs to be optimized in the next manufacturing steps due to an anisotropic shrinkage of the 3D printed part.

The sintered parts will now be used for first hybrid manufacturing trials of the Alstom demonstrator.