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Alstom check valve 316L additive manufacturing MAESTRO

MAESTRO is a project about metal additive manufacturing (AM). Alstom, one of the end-user, has chosen to present a check valve as demonstrator. The curved part collects condensed water coming from train’s underframe sides. The two butterfly handles (filled with supports on photos) are used to fix the valve on each corner of carriage.

As the project begins its last year, the first prototypes are being printed. The photos show the full additive manufacturing version printed at IPC, coordinator of the project, with remaining supports.

Presently, they are made by laser cutting and welding the different parts. The whole process takes 2 days approximately whereas it takes only 13 hours to be 3D printed. Parts are produced with 316L EOS (also partner) powder and are 114mm (4,5”) high.
The advantages to use additive manufacturing, would be to avoid welded joints and to be able to build design variations in one same job.

Cross-sectional parts have also been produced to show the inside of the check-valve. The condensed water comes from the central tube and is collected in the siphon. Then, the holes in siphon’s wall allow the water to drain off.

Stay tuned! Later in the project, hybrid versions of this demonstrator will be presented: one preform made by MIM process and another one made by FFF.
The top part remains made by DMLS.