CRF demonstrator: SLS prototype

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MAESTRO is a metal additive manufacturing project that aims at reducing production time. To this end, hybrid process is one of the solution adopted in the project.
As end-user, CRF has chosen to present a suspension knuckle in a hybrid version. The material used is aluminium. The part is originally made with COBAPRESS process.

The objective, for this part in the project, is to reduce the weight. Altair was in charge of the topology optimization.
The challenge here is to provide an optimized design and associated methodology for hybrid manufacturing. Moreover, the new design must be 30% lighter and retain its mechanical properties including fatigue resistance. The study is carried out with HyperWorks suite. The topology optimization enabled to fix the hybridization and find the optimal shape minimizing the mass.

To face manufacturing issues and increase mechanical performances, lattice structures were added and optimized. They were manufactured at IPC to validate their constructability.

Eventually EOS produced in SLS a prototype (see photo) as the metal hybrid version will be built later in the project.