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Hybrid manufacturing aluminium MAESTRO platform

MAESTRO project aims at improving the productivity. To this end, hybrid process is the solution adopted to decrease the production time and iis developped in the MAESTRO platfrom.

The modular platform combines:

  • system-level tool for hybrid manufacturing
  • monitoring systems to control the quzlity of the melting in real time
  • post-process operations like machining and heat treatment

  • In the project, the knuckle demonstrator is made with aluminium. The goal is to build this demonstrator in a hybrid version. The preform will be a COBAPRESS part and the top part will be built by DMLS. Before producing the hybrid demonstrator, the interface between COBAPRESS and DMLS must be characterised. So aluminium hybrid samples were built at IPC on the EOS M290.

    These hybrid samples are composed of a COBAPRESS preform and DMLS top part as shown in the picture. The job presented in the photo is 56mm high and the building process lasted 26h. Bars for tensile and fatigue are cut inside hybrid blocks and then machined. The samples will be tested by our partner GEMMATE. In the top left corner, picture from monitoring and in the bottom powderbed of the first layer.