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MAESTRO contest metal additive manufacturing

The laser-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metal parts made a significant progress in the last two decades, especially in laser-based powder-bed technology (also called DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering), broadening the range of materials available for them and also in developing the necessary data pre-processing tool. The AM technology has matured to reach a level where it can be considered as a viable alternative for producing net shape metal components for relatively small markets, predominantly for prototyping and small batch manufacture. This means only for low-scale applications where one material is used, the accuracy is not too high and surface integrity is achieved in one single AM processing step.
Now it is necessary to improve productivity, cost and speed to bring this technology to a larger scale, towards mass market applications.

The European project MAESTRO (Modular laser-based additive manufacturing platform for large scale industry) will help to answer these challenges. To this end, the project is structured around 5 points:
  • Develop an all-in-one pre-process software for AM
  • To reduce cost and improve productivity, hybrid manufacturing is one solution. Preforms are made with MIM (Metal injection moulding) process and the upper part is made by DMLS.
  • Real time monitoring of the DMLS process by various monitoring systems to check the quality of the melting and the part.
  • Put together all these previous points to create the MAESTRO platform.
  • Last point is dedicated to the MAESTRO platform demonstration.

    In order to demonstrate the MAESTRO platform capabilities on a 5th demonstrator, companies are invited to propose case studies for future products to be manufactured by the MAESTRO technologies. The proposals will be evaluated (vs. economical, technical and societal criteria) and ranked by the project partners. For the best proposal, the fabrication process will be characterised with respect to industrialisation, i.e. throughput, throughput time, process parameter control, yield, cost. Free prototyping of the products will be proposed to the winner of the contest.

    All the companies that would like to participate are invited to: Any question or remarks, please contact us via our LinkedIn page: or write to