DMLS Monitoring for EOS M290

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DMLS Monitoring for EOS-M290

Online quality assurance for metal-based additive manufacturing

Known in France and Europe for more than 15 years, as one of leader for metal-based additive manufacturing, IPC has recently acquired the very first optical tomography system, called EOSTATE Exposure OT developed by EOS (global manufacturer leader for SLS and DMLS processes) installed on the M290. IPC has now the first DMLS machine equipped with an EOSTATE Exposure OT monitoring system outside Germany.

As part of partnership with EOS, which began in 2001, IPC will test this new monitoring system with tool steel (maraging steel and stainless steel Corrax) which are commonly used at IPC for inserts with conformal cooling channels in plastic injection.

The EOSTATE Exposure OT monitoring system consists of a high resolution camera and the affiliated data analysis software allowing online process monitoring and post production data analysis..

Thanks to this EOSTATE Exposure OT monitoring system, it will be possible to evaluate part quality during the building process. Indeed, one of the major problematic in additive manufacturing, is creating the material and part simultaneously and as for now it is impossible to define if the created material meets specifications without post-production destructive testing.

The main advantage of the EOSTATE Exposure OT monitoring system is the online quality assurance during the building process avoiding time-consuming and expensive post-production testing without adding production time.